Timber Mouldings and Products

PencoUnited specialises in the manufacturing and exporting of wood mouldings and timber products. You will find our range of competitive products in many innovative and elegant designs. All are specially made to suit your specifications. 

Our products are carefully graded and selected from top grade Malaysian
timber. Among them are the

  • Meranti (Shorea)
  • Merbau (Intsia palembanica)
  • Keruing (Dipterocarpus)
  • Gerutu (Parashorea)
  • Kempas (Koompassia malaccensis)
  • Sepetir (Copaifera palustris)
  • Durian (Coelostegia)
  • Bintangor (Calophyllum)
  • Geronggang (Cratoxylum)
  • Merpauh (Swintonia)
  • Sesendok (Endospermum) and others.

    " Our products are specially made to suit your specifications and designs"
Wall Panel (Sample Profile)

12.5 x 69mm
12.5 x 94mm
15 x 94mm
18 x 94mm
Rabat (Sample Profile)


18 x 141mm
21 x 141mm
Skirting (Sample Profile)

8 x 45mm
12 x 45mm
12 x 55mm
19 x 68mm
19 x 90mm
19 x 120mm
19 x 140mm
Flooring (Sample Profile)


19 x 118mm
19 x 140mm
21 x 118mm
21 x 140mm
Balcony Board (Sample Profile)


27 x 140mm
27 x 190mm
Decking (Sample Profile)


14 x 70mm
19 x 70mm
19 x 90mm
21 x 145mm
28 x 145mm
Louvre Blade (Sample Profile)


17.5 x 65mm
17.5 x 106.5mm
Architrave (Sample Profile)


14 x 42mm
14 x 65mm
19 x 40mm
19 x 41mm
19 x 67mm
19 x 76mm
19 x 85mm
19 x 90mm

Dressed Timber (Sample Profile)

18 x 90mm
19 x 68mm
19 x 78mm
19 x 98mm
19 x 110mm
19 x 118mm
20 x 98mm
20 x 100mm
42 x 95mm
42 x 120mm
53 x 86mm

Door Jamb (Sample Profile)


19 x 120mm
27 x 115mm
31 x 94mm
31 x 115mm
31 x 120mm
31 x 138mm


Other products that we have also exported include anti-slip profile,
furniture parts, door, door lipping, base, truck flooring, picture frame, casing, strip, stop and scotia. 

For inquiries on our product profiles, please contact us. You can also fill in our online quotation form for a free quotation on your product. 
We will be glad to hear from you.



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